TS Meet Guide: 5 Ways To Absolutely Dazzle Your Date [INFOGRAPHIC]

ts meet

Preparing for a date can be rather stressful and overwhelming. All you can think about is impressing your date and that can sometimes be extremely hard to do. Especially if you’re about to go on your first ever TS meet. Dating “regular” people is tough, but flirting with transgender individuals can be extremely challenging. Don’t get us wrong, these people are wonderful human beings, but most of them experienced a lot of bullying and mocking throughout their lives and that made them incredibly vulnerable. They’re simply not able to trust anyone out there. This basically means that you’ll have put in some extra work in order to impress your date. How can you achieve such a goal? Well, stick around and find out. Here are the 5 amazing ways to dazzle your transgender companion.

TS Meet

Treat Your Transgender Date Like You Would Treat Any Cisgender Person Out There

Once you enter the world of transsexual dating, you’ll see that these singles don’t like to receive any kind of special treatment. They’re humans, and that’s all you need to know. Therefore, when you find yourself on a date with a TS individual, make sure to treat your potential partner with nothing but respect and love. Remember all those relationships and dates you had with cisgender people and apply the same rules and moves on your new companion. You’re not talking to a specific gender, you’re talking to a unique person with original thoughts and feelings. Remember that, and you won’t have any problems in the future.

Ask Them About Their Dreams And Aspirations

This is something everyone loves to talk about, so feel free to engage in this type of conversation. Bear in mind that these people are always trying to run away from the problems and struggles they’re facing on a daily basis. Therefore, a friendly discussion about their dreams and hopes will have a soothing effect on them. Show them that you actually care about their aspirations and they will be absolutely dazzled by your gentle approach.

Avoid The Term “Tranny”

Even though this particular term is rather popular and frequent, it’s also extremely offensive! Instead of calling them trannies, you should definitely consider the term “transgender”. It may seem like a trivial and insignificant thing, but it’s actually very important. If you want to come across as a serious and respectful person, you must always watch your manners in front of them, at least until they loosen up a little bit.

Do Not Fixate On The Fact That Your Date Is A Trans Person

The biggest and most important part of treating your TS dates as everyone else is not fixating on the very fact they’re transgender. It’s ok to ask a couple of questions every once in a while, but if you’re constantly switching back to this particular topic, they’ll think that you’re obsessed with transsexuals. Trust us, this is not a good start when you’re trying to “seal the deal” with these individuals. It’s perfectly fine to have a certain type, but the “trans factor” should not be that important to you here. You should try to admire other aspects of their complex personality. This way, your date will notice that you’re not some weirdo who’s trying to satisfy some strange sexual needs and fetishes. Be open-minded and try to get to know them on a more meaningful level. This will sweep them off their feet, trust us.

Show Them That Sex Isn’t The Only Thing You’re Interested In

Yes, sex is definitely one of the ultimate goals of dating, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you’re interested in. Especially if you’re going out with a trans person. Most people are trying to fetishize these fragile individuals and this is one of the biggest reasons why transsexuals have trust issues. So, if you come across as someone who is only looking for some kinky sex, you won’t stand a chance in this part of the dating realm. Try to earn their trust by talking about their feelings, hopes, doubts, and fears. Show them that you care about who they really are. It’s crucial not to rush them into anything, so wait for them to give you a “green light” when it comes to sexy and naughty topics. Your patience will pay off, no doubt about that!