Biker Dating Stigmas: Top 5 Misconceptions About Biker Boyfriends

biker dating

When it comes to the world of biker dating, most people have negative opinions. Of course, these judgments are based on tons of stereotypes that surround this dating niche. Unfortunately, these stigmas have drastically damaged the reputation of bikers all over the world. This is one of the main reasons why these fellas are not taken seriously as far as dating is concerned. So, if you’re a gal who’s afraid to take that leap of faith and get into a relationship with a biker, we urge you to check out top 5 misconceptions about biker boyfriends. It will definitely change your mind.

Bikers Are Messy Boyfriends

This is not necessarily true. Yeah, some of them are messy and rather dirty, but certainly not all of them! Simply, go out, meet local bikers and you’ll see for yourself. Most of these guys are thought to take good care of their bikes and they apply those habits to self-hygiene as well. The majority of biker singles have been alone and independent for years, so it’s safe to assume they know how to organize their lives in a rather neat fashion.

They’re Unfaithful

This is probably one of the most common misconceptions out there. People think they’re disloyal simply because these fellas travel often with their club buddies. Most men and women automatically assume that motorcyclists have a girl in every town they visit during their long rides. This is something they probably saw on a movie or a TV show, but it’s completely inaccurate when it comes to real-life bikers. As a matter of fact, these dudes know what loyalty is and if they love someone, they’ll rather die than betray them!

They Don’t Engage In Long Term Relationships

A frequent belief without solid proof. Yes, some of them prefer hot flings and “no strings attached” type of relationships, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every guy prefers the same things. A lot of bikers actually enjoy having an “old lady”. They feel stronger and safer while being supported by a loyal woman they love. So, there’s absolutely no need to think these fellas are not boyfriend material. They just need a little bit of guidance, that’s all.

Motorcyclists Never Get Married

This is a similar stereotype like the one we just mentioned, but it’s also not true at all! Most women believe these wild guys don’t have what it takes to be in a marriage and raise a family. Well, it’s safe to say that this is rubbish. Besides their passion for bikes, most of these boys have respectful jobs. After all, that’s how they’re paying for those expensive toys! Bikers are capable individuals who are not afraid of commitment.

They Share Every Intimate Detail With Their Buddies

Some women are afraid to get intimate with bikers because they think these guys share everything with their buddies. Well, girls, rest assured that motorcyclists are perfect gentlemen and the secrets from your intimate life are safe with them. They wouldn’t do anything to compromise or humiliate their lover.