Biker Dating 101: 5 Ways To Make Him Love You Like He Loves His Harley [INFOGRAPHIC]

biker dating

Want to impress your biker boyfriend? Check out these 5 ways you can dazzle him.

Biker Dating

Bikers were always cool, no doubt about that. It doesn’t matter if they belong to a biker club or not, we simply can’t deny their awesomeness. Their popularity created something we now call “ “. Almost every young woman out there wants to date a biker at least once in her life. However, landing a steel horse cowboy is not easy at all. Bikers are unique people who are sometimes too invested in their bikes and their way of life. A motorcyclist is a loner, so making him commit to you will be rather tricky. Still, if you truly are interested in hooking up with a biker, check out these 5 ways to make him crazy about you.

Show That You’re Interested In His Bike

One of the best and surefire ways to meet local bikers is to show genuine interest in their vehicles. We know, these machines and bikes may not be too exciting for you, but give it a go, maybe you’ll be able to understand their passion. Single bikers are constantly trying to impress the ladies with their macho approach, but if you want to dazzle your man, ask him some bike-related questions. Even better, do your research, go on a date with him and show him that you know a thing or two about two-wheelers as well. Trust us, it will blow his mind!

Go On Those Long Rides With Him

Most women are fine with all that leather, tough guy appearance, and fast rides all over the town, but a long highway ride is where they draw the line. These journeys can be rather tiring and dangerous, so most girls don’t have enough courage to embark on these crazy adventures. Don’t worry, your biker dude understands that and probably doesn’t expect you to join him, but if you actually decide to go on a long ride with him, well, you’ll make him very happy! So, when you think about it, one highway ride is a small price to pay if you want to lock your man down!

Visit Him At His Club Or A Bike Shop

These guys love to brag about their beautiful girlfriends, but your biker won’t directly ask you to come to his garage. Nonetheless, we advise you to visit him at his club or a bike shop every once in a while. He probably thinks that you would be bored to death by all those motorcycle-related topics, but don’t let that discourage you. Pay him a visit and stay as long as you possibly can. Your boyfriend and all of his friends will be absolutely smitten by your presence there. Also, if he starts working on his bikes, don’t leave the garage. He secretly wants you to stay inside and watch him work. It makes him feel like a big shot and gives him a crazy amount of confidence.

Be Brave And Confident

Since we’re talking about confidence, it’s extremely important to mention that biker guys love strong, independent, and brave women! They may look tough, but the truth is they need someone brave by their side to support every single decision they make. Being a loyal member of a motorcycle club is anything but easy and these guys sometimes go through a lot of complicated things, so they need someone who will always be there for them. Trust us, the case is no different with your boyfriend. If you want to knock him off his feet, be a loyal partner every step of the way.

Arm Yourself With Patience And Tolerance

It’s no secret that most motorcyclists were once bad and mischievous boys. As a matter of fact, some of them still are, so if your boyfriend shows traces of naughtiness, don’t give up on him right away. It’s in his nature and if he cares about you, he’ll change! Therefore, in order to give him a chance to change, you need show a little bit of patience and tolerance at the beginning of your relationship. If you manage to do so, he’ll know you’re a keeper, so he will do everything to be a good boy for you!