4 Things You Must Know Before You Meet Cougars

meet cougars

Younger guy-older woman relationships are nothing strange these days. Many guys want to meet cougars and enjoy the company of these sexy, mature and experienced ladies. However, if you want to impress your older gal, you will have to follow some rules. Here are top guidelines for successful cougar women dating.

She has the power

If you are one of those guys who always has to have everything under control, maybe cougar dating isn’t for you. When you are a cub in this relationship, you have to know that the cougar is alpha and she makes the shots. She is behind the wheel so you can just make your peace with it or move on.

Flatter her

Every woman, no matter how young or old, wants to feel desired. Compliment your lady ad let her know that to you, she is the sexiest woman on the planet. Cougars date younger guys for a reason. They love their energy, so when you are in the bedroom, make sure you blow her away. If she craves for more, you have her in the palm of your hand. Satisfy her needs and you will have that cougar purring in no time. Find out what she likes and follow her interests. This will make the age gap less significant.

Be sensitive

Just because she is older doesn’t mean she is desperate. You are not doing her a favor. Trust us, sexy, experienced woman get a lot of attention and you will have to earn your place in her life. When you date a cougar, you mustn’t be childish. Although they like younger guys, they don’t want to date a spoiled brat. Act like a man in her presence.

She has a life

Cougars love to have fun and act wild, but there is a time and a place for everything. If you think that she will leave her responsibilities just to spend some time with you, you are mistaken. Enjoy your time with her, but don’t smother her when you are not together. She as a life of her own and she doesn’t need a clingy guy who will call her every five minutes. Give her a chance to miss you, that way your relationship will last longer.

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